Training Programs

Stachem Science Education Training Program

Stachem in collaboration with the International training and education consultancy (itec-UK Ltd) provides a complete solution with full project management of science and technology channeled to offering high quality continuous professional development (CPD) for science teachers and science technicians working with pupil aged 5-19 years and above. We provide training and support services to lecturers and research technicians in the universities and tertiary institutions. We offer variety of standard courses and bespoke courses to enable lectures, teachers and technicians acquire skills and expertise through laboratory works. We offer services ranging from science curriculum development to Teachers’ trainings and Equipment procurement.

General Courses and Modules

Below are few courses we can offer but are not limited to :

  • Linking the Core Subjects: Literacy and Science
  • Practical Work in Biology
  • Developing Chemistry Skills for Technicians
  • Leading Professional Development in Science Education
  • Physics for Non-Specialists
  • Practical Work in Chemistry
  • Stimulating Physics – A Day for Everyone Teaching Physics
  • Developing the Role of the Science Subject Leader
  • Masterclass for A level Biology
  • Leading Science in Challenging Circumstances
  • Working as a science technicians : An introduction to the role
  • Loading and Delivering Effective professional Development for lecturers
  • Teachers, Science Consultants and Science Technicians
  • Technicians as demonstrators: The practical expert in the classroom
  • Senior science Technicians : Leadership training and management
  • Senior Technician-Accredited Co-Leaders in science (STACS)

Customized Courses and Modules

More intensive bespoke courses can be offered to meet the needs of individual schools, colleges, Universities and Government Institutions Trainings of technicians in colleges and schools will be organised within various LGs, LCDAs, Area Councils and constituencies as specified in clients brief.

Capacity Building for Science Educators

  1. Effective functioning of science teaching and learning depends not only on the teachers but also on the key role played by other colleagues
  2. With this in mind, our aim is to offer an inspiring and innovative range of professional development opportunities for technicians
  3. Developed in collaborations with many partners
  4. This professional development programme brings cutting edge science, new technology, global standardized modules that are coherent with the flexibility to support existing curriculum
  5. The teaching of the core sciences in the classroom through new tech laboratory prototypes will excite and enthuse both teachers and pupils alike.


Our Expertise

  1. We work with Ministries of Education and partners to improve science & technology education and infrastructure
  2. We offer investigative approaches to science and ICT through our teacher training programmes
  3. We develop curriculum and assessment specifications in line with national goals
  4. We provide equipment required to raise the level of science and ICT education in institutions.

Below are pictures from our previous trainings, click to view them: